There is a line in the movie, “The Incredibles” that says something like, “If everyone is incredible, then nobody will be.” ?Easter is a special day and a special season for Christians. ?We celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. ?The strange thing is that if you ask purported Christians what it all means, you will get a variety of answers. ?Many Christians know that Jesus died and that he rose from the dead, but few (from my experiences) really know what that means. ?To many, this is a special time of year for Easter egg hunts, dinners, and church services. ?For me, it’s Sunday (or Friday for Good Friday). ?Is that sacrilegious? ?Perhaps. ?However, I don’t care much for religion. ?As a matter of fact, I hate it. ?This brings us back to my opening statement. ?Let me explain.

Every day I am contemplating the things of God and not primarily for the reasons that you may think. ?After all, I am human and have many flaws too. ?I am very hard on myself. ?It was revealed to me recently with the help of an online friend, that I have to consider the fact that Jesus died for me and loves me. ?God is not looking at my faults. ?Satan keeps me doing that so that my growth can be minimized. ?Therefore, I am constantly listening to ministers, reading the Bible, reading books about various Christian topics, praying, etc. ?I am constantly reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. ?These are not because of my great piety or anything like that. ?These are because I keep looking at my flaws and trying to undo them through the things of God. ?For that reason, Jesus is always on my mind. ?The benefit of that is that I am constantly meditating on God’s word and ways. ?I am also constantly learning and obtaining revelation about a plethora of topics.

Therefore, when holidays such as Easter or Christmas comes around, my perspective is very different from most.? The celebrating on a particular day really isn?t all that important to me.? I think about it all the time. ?If I think about it all the time and recognize the implications of it all the time, then a religious observance really doesn?t make the matter any more incredible.? Now I am not saying that I don?t care about Easter.? It is once again something very important, namely the death and resurrection of Jesus.? My point is that people celebrate this, but don?t know what it means.? They are too busy with the religious observance that they don?t know what God was doing for us in all of that.? Jesus never told us to observe his death, resurrection, or birth.? Those are things that man made up.? Jesus told his disciples to break bread and have wine together in reembrace of him (Luke 22:19, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

Do we remember Jesus and what he did for us?? Jesus was born of a virgin thus not inheriting the sin nature that every other human inherits.? He was a sacrifice for our sins through crucifixion.? He died for our sins.? He rose from the dead defeating death.? We, therefore, can escape the impending wrath of God on all unrighteousness by putting our faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.? There is nothing religious about this.? It?s all about faith.

What is Easter all about?? It is all about God providing a way for you to be reconciled to him.? It is all about God?s actions to rescue you from destruction.? It?s all about a relationship between you and God and each other.? Easter represents the greatest act of love past and present, namely the sacrifice of life for the good of others.? Jesus suffered and died so that you could live.? We need to stop making a religion of Christianity and be faithful and operate in love just like our heavenly Father.

Put down the smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.? Talk to one another and encourage one another.? Spread the gospel in however way God has equipped you.? Live the life that God has given you instead of living in defeat and beaten by Satan. Remember Jesus!? He suffered a lot for you so we should stop taking it for granted.


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