Prayer Journal for Women


Prayer Journal for WomenWomen have much to overcome in this male-dominated and sometimes oppressive world.? However, with God all things are possible.? Women can do whatever they set their hearts and minds to do and in the process?change?the world!.? We all have heard the stories of how grandmom prayed.? Women are the crown of God’s creation and they have to deal with so many things, especially the oppression and prejudice placed on them by some men.? However, with this prayer journal, women will be able to track their prayers and recall them for future reference.

This prayer journal is designed to help women document their prayers and the answers to those prayers. Remembering how God has blessed you in the past will help strengthen your faith for future challenges for which you pray.

The prayer journal includes information that will help you sufficiently journal your prayers. These include:

  • The date of the specific prayer began
  • When the prayer was answered (what you prayed for happened)
  • The prayer request description, i.e., what you are praying for
  • The scripture(s), biblical principle, or affirmations that your prayers are founded on or supported by
  • What you will do to be active in the answer to your prayer
  • General notes
  • Testimony, i.e., description of how prayer was answered or a “praise report.”

This prayer journal will enable you to return to it regularly and recall how God helped you through the many challenges in your life. Remembering how God has blessed you will help you to be strong in faith for future challenges.

Begin your prayer for a new house, a husband, a new car, a new business, ministry opportunities, or whatever. The sky is the limit. Women are the crown of God’s creation and are capable of doing all that she can imagine and work hard to do. With prayer, accomplishing all those goals are possible.

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