It is amazing how many different doctrines there are in the Christian community. ?There are those who say that speaking in tongues (unknown language) is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. ?There are those who say that Christians should speak in tongues. There are those who say that the modern day speaking in tongues is unbiblical and even demonic. ?There are those who say God doesn’t heal today and those that say he does. ?I could go on, but the list is quite exhaustive. ?People are always complicating things. We want to take something very simple, namely Jesus Christ and him crucified, and turn it into some religious psychology trip.


Dangers of Adding Religion

The danger of adding all of these conditions to the simple foundation of true Christianity is that division is induced and more opportunities for deception are introduced. ?I have found from my own experience that most people who call themselves Christian do not read the Bible. ?They don’t pursue a true relationship with God and they don’t feed upon his word. ?Therefore, they are left to confide in man in one way or another. ?They may, for example, put their faith in the doctor for health or the preacher. ?They don’t know how to approach God for themselves, so they always need a person to put their faith in. ?If that person is intent on deception then that ill-placed faith will get you in more trouble. ?Satan will end up ruling your life through trickery.


Lack of Discipleship

It is rare to see a system of discipleship as we find in the Bible, but rather a system of hero worship where we put our faith in the preacher for everything in our lives. ?Jesus said that we live the words that come from the mouth of God and not just by food for the body (Matthew 4:4). ?Who’s eating though? ?Most people who say they are Christian are not disciples of Christ, but rather members of a particular religious organization. ?Most people (from my experiences) who say they are Christian do highly prioritize reading and consuming the word of God. ?This is exacerbated by the fact that there are so many different and opposing doctrines in the Christian community. ?That is why I believe we need to keep it simple. ?Focus on Jesus.

When we read the bible to understand it and do what it says, then we are disciples of Christ. ?When we read the bible to live consistently with what God wants, then we are disciples of Christ. ?We won’t get it right all the time and sometimes we will choose to sin. ?However, understanding what Jesus has done for us through reading the bible keeps us from condemning ourselves because of our intrinsic shortcomings. ?We can freely minister the life of God to others We can heal the sick, cast out demons, and preach the gospel to others. ?We should always be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have and to minister the hope that we develop through Christ, to others.


Keep It Simple

Let’s keep it simple. ?Your first source of knowledge for the Kingdom of God is the bible. ?Sure, you can listen to others, but what they say must line up with the bible. ?This will help to protect you against the wolves in sheep’s clothing so to speak. ?It will help protect you from the false preachers trying to deceive you. ?Keep it simple. ?Jesus Christ died for you. ?You don’t have to die. Live freely and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. ?Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). ?Keep it simple.

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