God Has Enough Power For You


I have been going through some very enlightening situations over the past several years. It reminds me of the excitement a person has when they are born again and want to tell everyone about their experience. They then discover that people are not excited about it. I recall being excited about divine healing as I was learning more about it. It was a revelation that God wants to heal us based on what I learned from the Bible and many other resources from many ministries.

One day I stumbled upon a website called “Christian Healing Forum.” I read many of the questions and answers on the forum and was amazed that people lived a life of faith in which they would minister to people and effect healing in the bodies.

I purchased DVDs, read books, and watched videos on divine healing. I also attended a training program on divine healing provided by a local healing minister (Pastor Sally Super). I presented what I had been learning to my family and had Pastor Sally minister to my family at one of our family fellowships. However, my family did not seem to be as excited about it as I was. Eventually, It was pretty disheartening to realize that people would rather trust man instead of God. It was also regrettable to admit that I seemed to be on this walk of faith alone. I believed that we could integrate God’s power in our everyday life, but others did not seem to share that belief.

My experience with my family seemed to be typical when it came to divine healing or God’s involvement in our lives. It was as if people honestly did not believe in the power of God. To them, it seemed that God was merely a religious object separate from ordinary life.

Disposition of Unbelief

I had a situation with a woman where I contacted her to pray about a situation sickness. I told her how God could heal her and that he wanted to. Her response was disturbing, and it caught me by surprise. I didn’t know how to respond to her comments.

She said that she knew that miracles can happen but that there was so much wrong with her that her treatment was inevitable. In other words, she said her issue was so significant that she didn’t expect a healing/miracle, but rather the doctors would be able to take care of her.

Believing in healing does not necessarily mean neglecting medical treatment by doctors. I have heard ministers say how people they ministered healing to would say something like that. However, hearing it from that woman was the first time I heard someone say something like that. The sad thing about what she said was that she has an excellent point. Why would she expect a miracle? Why should she expect God to intervene in her life by his power?

Ignorant of God’s Power

It is unlikely that you will see the power of God demonstrated in typical church services or gatherings. You would have to go online or access the resources of a distant evangelist or the like to see or learn about God’s power demonstrated through the healing of the physical body. Preachers of traditional churches do not preach much about God’s involvement in everyday life. We are not taught how to trust God or what it means to trust Him. Therefore, we don’t know how to trust God.

After all, why trust God to heal us when there are doctors, or I can do something myself? There are so many other things besides God that we can trust.  I even heard a pastor once pray something like, “Father, we have exhausted all of our options and now turn to you.” It’s not surprising that we have such little faith.

I have observed that it is not normal for Christians to profess faith in God when experiencing challenges in their lives. Christians, just like the world, are quick to seek medical science to help them instead of seeking the Lord. The unfortunate thing is that unbelief seems to be more contagious than faith. The pessimistic road is much easier to travel than the road of confidence in God.

Think about it. How often have you seen Christians laying hands on each other when they are sick or ministering healing to each other? We are more prone to gossip about the person than to pray for them. It is rare for Christians to immediately pray or minister healing when they learn of someone’s sickness. Instead, they will say something like, “I’ll be praying for you” or “My thoughts and prayers are with you.” What does that mean?

I don’t recall one instance where someone came to Jesus for healing or deliverance, and he told them that he would pray for them. He acted immediately and healed the person. That is one area where professed Christians are indeed not Christ-like.

We have little hope in the power of God and instead put our faith in people’s knowledge and abilities, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. What if Christians gathered on Sundays to share what God has done for them, encouraged each other, studied the Bible together, and discussed real-life issues? What if Christians came together and ministered to one another with the power of God? I believe life would be much different.

Pursue God’s Power

God’s power is available to us and for us. We need to pursue God and His kingdom so that we know what is available to us. We are more apt to learn what benefits are available to us in a club we join than what God has made available to us by His power. We need to read the Bible and practice what we learn. The Word of God is the key but is often neglected in our churches and personal lives.

I find that churches are more concerned about traditions than the Word of God and the improvement of the people. Some pastors are more concerned about getting more members than building up their congregation. Therefore, we must pursue God for ourselves and not entirely rely on pastors or other ministers to do it for us.

Pursuing God’s power does not mean neglecting the knowledge, experience, abilities, or even advice of others. The Bible shows us that God indeed works through people. However, we should be careful not to place our confidence in people above faith in God.


The power of God is available to you so, learn to use it. God works through people, but it is not merely their knowledge and abilities that we should depend. Trust God. The Bible repeatedly instructs us to trust God. Trusting God does not mean isolating yourself from people because God works through them.

Pray to God and ask for wisdom and for Him to help you in your situation before first going to someone for help (e.g., doctor, lawyer, accountant, banker, etc.). Allow God to help you, heal you, deliver you.

Above all, pursue God personally and apart from the religious environment. Develop a personal and intimate relationship with God. Allow his power to operate in your life and those around you.




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