I have been going through some very enlightening situations over the past several years.? it reminds me of what happens when a person is born again and how he or she wants to tell everyone about their conversion only to find that people are not excited about it is he or she is.? I recall that several years ago I was turned on by faith in God for the healing of the body.? I had stumbled across a website called “Christian Healing Forum.”? I read many of the questions and answers on the forum and was amazed that people lived a life of faith in which they would minister for people and effect healing in the body.? I purchased DVDs and books on the topic and presented it to my family.? However, I found that there was very little excitement about it and eventually it just died out altogether.? it was quite disheartening to realize that people would rather trust man instead of God.? It was also very disheartening to realize that I was on this walk alone.

This brings me to an incident that just happened.? I contacted a young lady to pray for her about a situation she was going through regarding illness in her body.? I declared how God can heal her and her response to me caught me completely off guard?and I didn’t know what to say afterward.? She basically said that she knows that miracles can happen, but that there is so much wrong with her that her treatment was inevitable.? In other words, she said to me that her issue was so great that she doesn’t expect a healing/miracle, but rather that the doctors would be able to take care of her.? Now God can help us even through doctors.? However, her statement threw me completely off track.? I have heard ministers saying how people they ministered healing to would say something like that, however, I never heard it before.? The sad thing about what she said was that she has a very good point.? Why would she expect a miracle?

It is very unlikely that you will see the power of God demonstrated in the typical church. You would have to go online or access the resources of a distant evangelist or the like to see God?s power demonstrated through the healing of the physical body.? Preachers don?t preach much about things that pertain to normal everyday life and faith in God.? We are not taught or told how to trust God or what it means to trust Him.? As a matter of fact, you rarely hear it preached in a church that we truly can trust God and what His promises to us really are.

As I go through life and encounter issue after issue, I begin to hear other voices tempting me to abandon God.? The voices tell me there is no god and that we are all alone.? That is why we, even Christians, have so many problems.? If God existed then wouldn?t He protect His own?? You would think that there would be a difference between those of the world (non-Christians) and those who belong to God (Christians).? However, you see both suffering from the same types of issues.

The answer to these voices is quite simple, though not always easy to accept.? The answer is found in the word of God, His revelation to us.? When we see what God is really like then we will not develop false expectations of Him.? God has indeed done so much for us, but we have not done much for Him.? We have not practiced faith much at all.? The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26).? Jesus said that we are foolish if we hear the word, but don?t obey or do it (Matthew 7:24-27).? Our problem is that unless we take the initiative and pursue God personally, we will not get exposure to a life of faith through our religious institutions (church).

Why trust God when there are doctors?? Why trust God when I can do it myself?? Why trust God when I have so many problems.? There are so many opportunities on this earth to put our faith in that we seem to not need God.? I even heard a pastor once pray something like, ?Father, we have exhausted all of our options and now turn to you.?? I couldn?t believe my ears.? No wonder we are so defeated and powerless.? It starts at the top.

I have observed that it is not normal for a Christian to even confess faith in God for their troubles.? Christians, just like the world, are quick to seek medical science to help them instead of seeking the Lord.? This is the environment that a pursuer of faith has to operate in.? The interesting and unfortunate thing is that unbelief seems to be more contagious than faith.? I find myself fighting unbelief all the time, partly because no one around me professes the faith that I seek.?

Think about it.? Christians don?t lay hands on each other when they encounter one who is sick.? We are more prone to gossip about the person than to pray for him or her.? It is a rare situation when you tell a Christian a problem you are having and that Christian immediately prays for you or ministers to you.? Typically, people will say something like, ?I?ll be praying for you.?? There is a statement that I hear sometimes like, ?My thoughts and prayers are with you.?? I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.? I don?t recall one instance where someone came to Jesus for healing or deliverance and he told them that he would pray for them.? He acted immediately.? We don?t.? We can?t.

It is unfortunate that one must search so hard to find a ministry or church that promotes faith in God and shows you how to do it.? I found a ministry several years ago that is still active today.? This ministry is relatively far from me, but close enough that I could attend a series of classes on healing.? Why can?t that be the norm for churches and ministries?? Why are those types of ministries ?special??

We have little hope in the power of God and instead put our faith in the abilities of man, i.e., doctors, lawyers, etc.? We don?t know what God said because many do not read their Bible.? What if Christians gathered on Sundays to share what God has done for them, encouraged each other, studied the Bible together, and just discussed real-life issues?? What if Christians came together and ministered to one another?? We would have a different world altogether.

However, we don?t have that kind of hope in us.? We think that God?s power is limited and if we have too great a problem, that the lights will dim in heaven so to speak if God were to deal with those issues.? We need to read our Bibles and practice what we learn.? The Word of God is the key and it is that word that is so neglected in our churches and personal lives.? I find that churches are more concerned about traditions than they are the word of God and the edification of the people.? Pastors are more concerned about getting more members than they are of even edifying the members that they have.? Pastors and the like seem more intent on building their little kingdoms than building or edifying the body of Christ.

There are so many distractions.? There are so many things that solicit our attention.? There is television, games, pursuit of pleasures, even church activities.? So many church-goers think that church events and activities are key to their acceptance by God.? However, the Bible tells us that all our righteous acts are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).? We are in a lot of trouble.? On the one hand, the world draws us away from trusting God and the religious community does not promote a life of faith in God either.? Unless we find a little patch of light here or there and/or become sensitive to the Holy Spirit and pursue God for ourselves, then we are really doomed.? We will live an increasingly defeated and powerless life and have nothing to show the world that there is something to be a Christian.

The lights won?t dim in heaven if we go to God to help us.? He has all power and is well able and willing to help us.? We, however, must receive His help by trusting Him.? If we trust Him then He will guide our steps (Proverbs 3:5-6.? There is plenty of God?s power to go around.? Trust Him.? Don?t allow your unbelief form faithless doctrines as an excuse for not believing God.? Read the Bible.? Meditate on the Scriptures.? Do what the Word says to do and allow faith to come (Hebrews 11:6).?? Above all, practice what you?ve gained from the Holy Spirit through the word of God.? After that, be a wire so that the power of God can flow through you to empower others.? Amen.

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