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Focus on Jesus, Not Religion

Jesus is the focal point of the Christian faith. Too often religion gets in the way of people’s understanding of what Jesus did for us. This article simply highlights the need for Christians to focus on Jesus instead of religion and religious activities.

Stop Trying to Impress God

So many people reject the free gift of salvation provided by our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ by attempting to impress God by their religious works. This article reveals how silly such a mindset at we need to do to be free of this type of religious bondage.

Do Not Fear

Christians should not fear when trouble comes. During this time of the COVID-19 viral infection worldwide, Christians should step up with faith instead of fear. This article highlights what fear is, what it does to us, and how to combat it.

How Does God Help Us?

In this video, I discuss the method that God uses to help us in the challenges we face and the decisions we have to make during the course of our life. Sometimes we may think that God is coy or not responsive, when in fact, His guidance comes via a different method than we might expect.

Many Christians Are Not Spiritual

We Christians profess a relationship with a powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing God. We profess that God loves us and will help us. However, why do Christians seem to suffer just as much as the world around them? Why do Christians seem to be so helpless in their lives and yet profess a heavenly Father who loves them? Wouldn?t even a human father help his own children?

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