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Helping you to build your own personal and intimate Relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.

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Who We Are

Pursuing the Truth Ministries (PTM) is a Christian ministry promoting liberation through a personal relationship with the Father and knowledge of God’s Word.

What We Do

Pursuing the Truth Ministries help people to develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ, independent of church denominations or religious affiliations. We Bible studies, articles, and lessons.

God Wants a Relationship, Not Religion

Isaiah 64:6 (CEV) — [6] We are unfit to worship you; each of our good deeds is merely a filthy rag. We dry up like leaves; our sins are storm winds sweeping us away.

God wants a personal relationship with you. He is not interested in your religious pursuits. As the passage above states, your good deeds or righteous acts are meaningless. Are you trying to approach God by observing religious rites, ceremonies, attending services, and other religious activities? Instead, build a personal and intimate relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and, therefore, free yourself of the chains of religion.

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The Art of Forgiveness

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Christianity is Not Complicated

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Do Not Neglect God

Do Not Neglect God

This lesson discusses the importance and necessity of abiding in Jesus Christ for the sake of the ministry, even your personal ministry.

Eat, drink, and digest the word of God. Know God for yourself!

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