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Remain Focused

Each day we trek through life.  Some have a desire to do great things and start a journey to that goal.  However, in some cases, perhaps many, we find that we are not progressing to our goal at the rate that we thought we would. Something is holding us back.  It is easy to go on a "witch hunt" so to speak, and try to find everything we have been doing wrong.  However, sometimes we may find that it is not we who are the culprit.  We may find that we have been pulled by puppet strings by those around us and thus hindering progress to reaching our goals and micro goals. This article is to make you aware of this affect so that you can remain focused in accomplishing your goals.

The Triune Human Being

How does the human being interact with God the Father? How can a seemingly physical being interact with a spiritual being effectively and with certainty? I believe that it is necessary to dissect the human being in order to answer these questions. I don’t mean to physically cut a person open to see how they operate because that would provide very little help in the spiritual realm. What I do mean is to determine how the whole person is constructed and use that to understand how we interact with God and the spiritual realm.

This lesson will examine the triune nature of humans. Do humans exist as a triune being? Well, consider for example basic materials on earth. We understand how these materials behave by understanding how they are composed. The chemical model of these materials consists of the formation of molecules and of course there are the atoms themselves. The behavior of these basic building blocks dictates the behavior of the material at various temperatures and pressures. I will use the same approach when analyzing humans by breaking humans into three primary parts. These three parts will be called the soul, body, and spirit. We will examine the function of these three, how they interact with each other, and ultimately how we as a whole interact with God. Based on our knowledge of these components.

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