Content that deal with ministring to others either by "ordained" ministers or normal Christian people.

Women Teachers

There is a lot of discrimination in the churches as of the time of this writing.  Some "rules" in many traditional churches is that women are not allowed to have any authority over men. Women are not allowed to be pastors or any authoritative positions over men in the church.  Women are allowed to teach Sunday School, serve the pastor, cook, usher, sing on the choir, etc.  This is unfortunate and unChristian.  In this study we are going to take a cursory look at women teachers in the church.  I recommend that you read the larger study, "The Place of Women."

Gifts to the Church

Many people have heard of the term, five-fold ministries.  However, what are the five-fold ministries in the church.  What are their purpose?  God has equipped the church, the body of Christ, for a purpose.  This includes apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  All of these have the joint purpose of equipping the body of Christ to do the work of ministry.  We should note that this is not referring to the church organization as so many think of "church" today.  These ministries are for the people to equip people to do ministry.


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