Knowing God

Content dealing with your relationship with God, knowing God in various ways, e.g., knowing his voice, knowing his will, etc.

Knowing God's Will

The purpose of this study is to give insight into knowing what God's will (purpose) is for your life. We will examine the Holy scriptures for clues, instruction, and examples for knowing God's will and living by God's will. After completing this study, you should have a much greater insight into knowing how to know God's will and thus apply that to your life to know what His will is for you.

Knowing the Voice of God

The Christian is to live a life that is led by the Spirit (See Romans 8:13-14 and Galatians 5:25). However, in our day-to-day lives we acknowledge many thoughts in our minds. We always wonder whether the thought originated from God or from ourselves. How can we tell the difference between a God induced thought and thoughts that come from elsewhere? Unfortunately, I have found that the typical traditional church does not teach us how to hear from God. It does not teach us to distinguish between the voice of God and the voice of our own mind. As a matter of fact, many churches lead us in the opposite direction. We learn to hear the voice of the pastor instead of the voice of God. We learn to listen and obey what the minister says instead of seeking God for ourselves and hearing what God says to obey. In effect we learn to do everything except live according to the Spirit because we are deaf to God's Spirit. When calamity comes we turn a sensitive ear to God only to be further frustrated because we never learned to hear his voice in the first place.


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