God the Father

Content dealing with the identity, nature, and way of God the Father.

Who Is God?

Who is God?  Having a fundamental understanding of what God is like is crucial for the Christian life.  How can we say we now Jesus when we don’t know who God is?  Some believe that we can never know God because he is well beyond human comprehension.  However, the bible shows us that we can know God. We can know about God through his creation and the revelation of him and his interaction with people recorded in the bible.  We can also know him through revelation through Jesus Christ (Christ said if you know him, you know the father – John 14:7).

The purpose of this study is to answer the question, who is God?  After going through this study, I hope that you will have a deeper understanding of who God is, what he is like, and how he interacts with us.

God Demands Respect

One of the things that you may notice when reading the Old Testament is that there are a few things that appear to be very important to God.  One of the things that is important is respect.  We must respect God (some translations use the word "fear").  Respecting God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.  This article discuses the fact that God demands respect.

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