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We have been told time and time again that we Christians have to live by faith. We are taught much on faith and how it works. Many Christians know a lot about faith but not all know what it actually is. Faith is not something that is for the upper echelon of believers. It is really nothing special for that matter. Faith should be the normal mode for Christians. However, because of a lack of the word of God, many people just don't know what faith is. Thank God for evangelists like Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts and the like who teach us faith. However, there is a component that we overlook in regards to faith. It is HOPE. This study will present to you the knowledge from God's word about hope. When we talk about faith we have to include hope. When we mention hope we must say faith. The two can't operate alone.


The Bible instructs us to have faith in God, live by faith, and to have faith in order to please God. However, what is faith? Can we honestly say that we know what true faith is? It is taught in the word of Faith movement that faith is like a bag of tools that we can use. We can use our faith to get a new car, new house, new job, more money, and prosperity. Is this the same faith that the Bible teaches?


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