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The Beatitudes

The word "Beatitude" comes from a Latin word meaning "happy" or "blessed." The Beatitudes are therefore blessed sayings or congratulations. The Beatitudes in Matthew chapter five begin what is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount. The audience of the beatitudes is the disciples. Therefore, we can assume that what Jesus teaches his disciples here applies to all disciples to come (See Matthew 28:19-20).

Blessedness was associated with the existence of the gods In the Greco-Roman world during Jesus' time. The gods were considered blessed because they didn't have to deal with all of the everyday stuff that people deal with. Therefore, anyone who seemed to transcend the everyday sorrows and struggles was considered to be blessed. Blessedness in this instance meant that the person enjoyed great fortune.

How to Study the Bible

We are told to read and study the bible, but how do you do it.  How does one study the bible so that what we conclude is what was intended by the author, by God?  We can easily get caught in the trap of accepting what someone else tells us, such as a pastor, bible teacher, etc.  However, it is imperative that we know the word of God for ourselves so that when trials come or when we have to make life's decisions, that we know what the God really revealed to us.  Since we were not living during the time that the various bible passages were written, we need a study method that will help us accurately interpret the bible.

This study presents a methodical method of bible study to equip you to better study the bible and therefore obtain the revelation from God therein.


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