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The Kingdom of God Versus the World

There are two primary kingdoms at work on the earth. There is the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the world. The Kingdom of God is good and the Kingdom of the world is bad or evil. Each person operates in either one or the other and one's citizenship is revealed by the heart. Jesus uses the repsonse of the religious leaders to him healing a demon possessed man along with their response to it to reveal an important message to us..

The Truth About The Abundant Life

You hear time and time again about the abundant life. We are told how we could live the abundant life if we would do this or do that. We are told that we have a right to the best that God has to offer. There are so many formulas taught today that one would think that there is no reason at all why Christians should suffer lack. There is so much enthusiasm and hype that we would think that Christians have a magic formula for obtaining wealth from God. However, we don't seem to experience what they tell us from the pulpit. Why?

Is lack an indication of a lack of faith or perhaps a secret sin? Are your troubles the manifestation of God's wrath on your life. Do you strive to live the abundant life according to a world system? Are you seeking the abundant life? That question alones begs the problem. You should be seeking something else shouldn't you? Anyway, there are many of us who pursue the "good life" and desire nice things. However, are those what the Bible refer to as abundant living or the abundant life?


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