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The Kingdom of God

The objective of this lesson is to identify the Kingdom of God and to learn how it relates to us interacting with God and living a godly life. We are going to learn about the Kingdom of God by examining the many parables that Jesus gave concerning it.

Practical Forgiveness

What do you do after you have been offended? Someone has severely harmed you emotionally, physically, or psychologically. What do you do? Our first response is to retaliate. However, this is not usually the most constructive action especially since Jesus taught against it (Matthew 5:38-41). We are told to forgive is to forget but we can’t seem to forget about the offense so forgiveness seems impossible. How do I forgive someone and why should I forgive people for offending me? Wouldn’t it be better to give them a piece of my mind so that they will think twice about offending me?

We will find that the most effective course of action is forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget, as we will soon see. There is much more to forgiveness then what we are typically taught. Forgiveness will be of great value to you in managing the stresses in your life. It will help you to deal with situations in your life that you deem offensive or undesirable.


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