Content dealing with the blessings of God on our lives.

The True Biblical Revelation of Financial Prosperity

How should a Christian think of wealth?  Is it ok for a Christian to be wealthy?  Is tithing and giving the method for obtaining wealth?  We will examine wealthy people in and out of the bible to get some clues as to wealth for the Christian.  What is the biblical revelation of financial prosperity, i.e., wealth?  You may be surprised.  This study does not present the same old tithing and giving teaching that you may be used to. but rather examines the scriptures to see the truth.

How to Love Life and see Good Days

How can I have a good life and enjoy it?  Don't we all want to enjoy our lives and have good days?  Well God tells us how to do this through his word.  This is a cursory look at the concept of having a good life.  Now I'm not referring to prosperity and riches and the like.  I am referring to simply having a good life wherever you are based on scripture.  This article presents basic scripture passages to reveal how to have a good life and enjoy it.


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