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The Truth About Giving
The Place of Women
The Art of Forgiveness
Tithing, Giving, Sowing, and Reaping


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Topical Studies

God Heals All
This study examines two aspects of healing to determine which is true: God heals all and God does not heal all.
The Truth About the Abundant Life
This is the study guide for the seminar of the same name.
Christian Worship
Insight into Christian worship
An Overview of Christmas
An overview of the Christmas holiday
Church in A Christian's Life
The place of church in the life of Christians
Bible Hope
A study of hope from a biblical perspective
A Christian Marriage: The Definition
Part one in a series on Christian marriage
A Christian Marriage: Finding Your Mate
Insight into finding the mate for you
The Purpose of Christ
Insight into the purpose of Jesus Christ
In Pursuit of the Truth
A look at the concept of pursuit and how it applies to truth
Tithing, Giving, Sowing and Reaping
A detailed study on the practice of tithing in the church today

The Place of Women
A scriptural examination of the place of women especially within the Christian community

 This study deals with the true meaning of faith from a biblical context.