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Bible Studies

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Welcome to our bible studies section. Here you will find a plethora of bible studies on topics such as faith, finances, marriage, etc.

New Study


We take the book of Haggai and extract a very important priniple that will enable us to experience God's blessings in our lives. This book reveals something fundamental that will help us to receive from God.

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The purpose of this study is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we all have a very clear understanding of what it is and ultimately about salvation. Many people profess to be Christian, but do not know what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. This could be due to religious activity where the person never really heard the gospel. It is important that our faith is based on Jesus Christ and not our own religion.

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God's Gift To The Church

This study covers the gifts that God gave to the church. We will discuss what these gifts are and what their purposes are. We will also learn how you can walk in your gifts, i.e., the specific gifts that God has given you in your life.

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