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Topical Sermon Notes

The Liabilities of Signs and Wonders in Evangelisml (12/23/2007)
Is it necessary that a ministry or minister be accompanied by signs and wonders in order for that ministry to be effective? Is it necessary to meet the physical needs of a person before that person becomes receptive to the gospel? These are the questions discussed in this sermon lesson.
Beyond the Pursuit of Things (11/11/07)
We are going to investigate these questions in this sermon in light of normal everyday life and the things pertaining to it. We are going to look at the possibility that the things we have means more when we do something with it according to the will of God or in accordance with God's way.
The Will of God (11/04/07)
In this sermon we are going to briefly look at the will of God.  We will see what the bible reveals to us about the will of God so that we don’t falsely accuse God of evil and blame him for the things that happen to us and others in the world.
The Power of Words
Our words are powerful. The words we say to each other affects us in profound ways. Now consider how powerful the word of God is in our lives. This sermons briefly looks at the power of word by using the incident of Jesus walking on the water as an illustration.
The Practicality of Faith
We are going to look at one of the greatest books in the Bible pertaining to the practical aspects of life and the application of spiritual principles.  That book is Ecclesiastes.
From Knowledge To Trust
This sermon looks at the relationship of knowledge and trust
A Different Look At Progress
This is a sermon presented at the New Saint John Baptist Church to encourage them in their quest for a new pastor
God of Judgement
We are going to take an overview look at the book of Amos to see how God judged Judah, Israel, and their enemies.  God is a love, but he is also a heavenly father that will deal with our sin appropriately
Your Contribution to Edification of the Whole
Here we discuss your role in contributing to the edification of those who attend your church services. Church shouldn't be a spectator sport, but rather an activity where all can get involved.
Christian Hope
Learn about Christian hope and how it could influence your life to do more and endure more. Also learn the difference between Christian hope and wishful thinking.
Riches For God
This sermon discusses the practical aspects of evangelism and how the Christian should not shy away from those who are not Christians, but should embrace them and build relationships with them in an effort to get them to Christ.
Easter 2007
Easter message given at New Saint John Baptist Church on Easter 2007
Practical Faith Again
Faith is not a magic act for God or for Christians. The Bible shows us that faith is practical and we therefore should not expect magic or miracles to be the mode of God's providence in our lives. Learm the truth about faith...practical faith.
Enjoy the Good of Your Labor - The Gift of God
Do you enjoy what your hard labor has produced? Are you so busy trying to get more and more that you don't enjoy what you have now? If so then you need to stop and realize the blessings that you have and enjoy them. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and give God thanks.
Divine Providence - Part 2
How can we reconcile what we know of God with the way that the world really is? How can we explain the providence of God when so many bad things happen to people. Read this sermon outline for an overview of these and similar questions.
Divine Providence
What is God's role in the course of history and what part do we have to play in our destiny and the destiny of the world? Is God totally in control or not? This sermon provides an introduction into the idea of divine providence.
You Have Work To Do
This sermon deals with the work of ministry that is overlooked in the church community and the for us to edify the body of Christ so that we could do the work of ministry.
The Truth About God
This lesson deals with the truth about God in regards to his love for us and our love for him.
The Supremacy of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is the head of the church and yet many people in the churches and religious organizations don't seem to know that. We put people on platforms and worship them as if they are God. However, we need to remember that Jesus is the head of all. This sermon addresses the supremacy of Christ taken from Colossions chapter 1.
Do We Need the Bible?
It was said on a radio show that we do not need the Bible and that the Bible is a hindrance to our spirituality. It was said that we are too literary, but need to be more spiritual if we are going to govern our lives more effectively. Do we need the Bible? This sermon address this very question.
Stand For The Truth
We need bold Christians that would stand for the truth of the Christian faith. There are too many lies perpetuated even in what we call "church" and these lies are damaging the lives of many people. We need to stand up for the truth so that people would be free. This sermon investigates this notion and provides examples of a few people who have done this in our history.
The Truth About Giving
Learn what the Bible says about giving and compare it with the popular teachings in church organizations. This sermon will liberate you from the bondage of men and women who are after your money.
Called Before Qualified
Did you know that God is not waiting for you to qualify yourself? Learn that God calls you and then qualifies you for service. We discuss the calling of the disciples of Jesus Christ to bring home this point about called before qualified.
God Wants You To Trust Him
Did you know that God wants you to trust Him and that He does not like it when you don't trust Him. Learn from the plight of the Israelites that God truly wants you to trust Him.
The Grace of God: Why Does God Care?
This sermon deals with the grace of God, which is extended to us even though we do not deserve it and surely have not earned it. This is an overview of God's grace and part of the general answer as to why God cares about us.
Things Aren't Always What They Appear To Be: Presupposition By Appearance
This sermon deals with the illusions that are presented to us via appearances. We tend to prejudge people by how they look instead of trying to see the real person. We also tend to see ourselves superficially and lose sight of the fact that who God made you is hidden within.
The Treasure of the Gospel
This sermon deals with the treasure that is in each and every Christian, namely the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This treasure is taken for granted and in many cases suppressed, but we should realize that it is indeed a great treasure that should be saved.
Just Be Ready
There are so many theories about the end of the age and when Jesus Christ is coming. This sermon deals with the simple fact tht we should just be ready.
The Conscience and Morality
Learn the role of the conscience and morality in the life of a Christian and how the two work together in our lives.
Conflict Resolution
Learn principles that you can use to resolve conflicts that you may have with other Christians. Learn the importance of forgiveness in resolving conflicts and perhaps to keep from having conflicts.
Reconciling God's Love and Present Suffering
How would you explain the fact that God loves us and yet we still suffer? Wouldn't you expect the Christians to experience certain privileges in regards to the issues we face in life? We will discuss these and similar questions in this sermon.
Encouragement (From 4/30/06)
We all need to be encouraged and therefore we should be a source of encouragement for others.
Self-Esteem From a Christian Perspective
What do you think of yourself? Do you have a low self-esteem. This sermon deals with the problem of a low self-esteem and what the Bible says about how we esteem ourselves
A Christian Perspective of Healing- Part 2
This sermon deals with the realities of prayer and how it affects our lives. We will look at the reason we should pray and the affects of prayers in our lives.
A Christian Perspective of Healing: Prayer
This sermon is a discussion on the healing aspects of prayer based on recent experiements and how it is important for us to consider the spirit in regards to health and healing.
The Peace of God
Are you anxious? Do you worry about things constantly? Do you have the peace of God? Did you know that walking in the peace of God is the way to avoid worry and the effects of worry? Learn what the peace of God is so that you would be able to walk in it.
The Power and Importance of Music
Music is important and it is very influential in our lives. This sermon discusses the power that music has on us and how important it really is in our daily lives.
God's Protection
Does God protect people today or not?  Can we expect God to come to our rescue the way He did for those in the Old Testament and even some parts of the New Testament?  Can I expect God to rescue me when I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do?  What should you do when you have no more money, no more food, and no more hope?  Can I depend on God to help me or can I expect life to take its natural course? These and similar questions are discussed in this weeks sermon. Learn a key component to experiencing God's protection.
Developing Character
This sermon deals with the process of building character so that our lifestyle would be consistent with God's way.
The Grace of God in Our Lives
Learn the importance of the grace of God operating in your life. See how living for God is not about self, but about Jesus Christ. We are nothing and can do nothing without Christ and that is only avaiable because of the grace of God.
Dealing with Doubt
What do you do when you find yourself questioning things that you have believed for a long time? This sermon deals with the doubts that may arise during the course of our life.
The Fundamental Concepts of Prayer
This sermon deals with the fundamentals of prayer based on the model prayer taught by Jesus Christ in Matthew chapter six.
The Reality of God Part 2
Looking at the role of experience, trust, obedience, and faith regarding the reality of God
The Reality of God Part 1
Examining the Reality of God in the lives of Christians
The Art of Giving Part 1
An introduction into the idea of tithing, giving, sowing and reaping
Practical Faith
Uncovering the Magic from faith: A scriptural analysis
Who Do You Say Jesus Christ Is?
Personalizing Jesus Christ
Destroying God's Enemies and Delivering His People
A lesson taken from Nahum chapter one on God's deliverance
True Blessings
Examining wht it means to be blessed by God, to bless God, and others
Loyalty to God
God demands our loyalty and devotion
Disocver Your God-Given Purpose
How to know what your callin is from God
Justified by Faith
Refuting the belief that salvation is based on works or could be earned
Mutual Submission
Understanding the concept of submission as applied to wives submitting to their husbands
How the church has conformed to the world system and what to do about it
The Place of Women: Women Teachers
Dealing with the issue of women teachers and authority in the church
The importance of understanding in relationships and everyday life situations (Part of the Place of Women series)
The Place of Women Part 4: Women's Dress
Dealing with the issue of women wearing pants
The Place of Women Part 3: Head Coverings
Dealing with the issue of women and head coverings
The Place of Women Part 2:The Fall
The impact of the fall of Adam and Eve and the consequences to men/women relationships
The Place of Women Part 1: Original Design
God's original design and purpose for women
The Shining Light Within
Your personal witness of Jesus Christ via the light of Christ
You Can't Do it Alone
Realizing that you need others to do your job
What is Easter Really About?
Uncovering the true meaning of the Easter season
Experiencing Our Liberty in Christ
A look at why we don't experience the liberty that we really have in Christ
Why Retaliate?
A look at the principle of "An eye for an eye" and how we should view retaliation
The Measure of Your Life
Insight into the perceptions of "things" in the life of Christians
Dealing with Discouragement
A look at Elijah's discouragement (1 Kings 19) to help us deal with discouragement
The Blessing of Redemption
The ultimate blessing that redemption is to the Christian
Triumph to Triumph
Accomplishing your goals so that you can do even greater things
Insight into trusting God and trusting others relative to normal life situations
You Can Be Forgiven
Don't think that there is something so horrible that you have done such that God won't forgive you
Dealing With It
The place of wisdom in dealing with everyday situations
Prerequisite to Spiritual Living
What is needed before we can live spiritually (according to God's Way)
Insight into the Ten Commandments
A verse by verse look at the Ten Commandments and how they apply to us today
Ministering to One Another
The importance of ministering to each other as a means of ministering to Christ
A general look at prejudice and what God originally intended for us
The Meaning of Life
Insight into what is really important to a Christian--The meaning of life
The Process of Practical Blessings
Insight into acquiring the blessings that are yours
The Importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
How the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God have great value to all people
Our Awesome God
An overview of our awesome God and how we should give him what he deserves
The Disposition of Truth
A lesson on the awareness of and sensitivity to knowing and perpetuating the truth
Wisdom From Proverbs
A verse by verse analysis of Proverbs chapter 2 regarding wisdom
The Meaning of Salvation
What is the real meaning of salvation from a practical perspective
Practical Hope
A practical look at hope from a biblical perspective
Understanding emotions and how they affect our daily lives
The Purpose of the Church
Understanding the purpose of the true church of Jesus Christ
Faith and Prayer
A discussion on the relationship of faith and prayer
God's Will and Prayer
A discussion on the Will of God as it pertains to prayer and vice versa
A discussion on speculation and truth
Christianity vs Religion: An Overview
A discussion on true Christianity compared with religion
Believe You Receive: An Overview
A discussion on the teaching of believing that you receive
Traditions and Life
A discussion on how traditions of men interfere with obtaining the truth of God
Dealing With Worry
A discussion on dealing with anxiety in a Christian's life
The Blessings of God Transcends our Situations
A discussion of how God's blessings are far greater than any situation we might be in
Our Affections
A discussion on identifying the things we really have affections for
Faithfulness and Integrity
A discussion on integrity and how it relates to faithfulness
Friends of Christ
A discussion on how discipleship makes us friends of Christ
Practicing Forgiveness
A discussion on the practical aspects of forgiveness
The Implications of Easter
Learn what the implications of the ressurection of Christ are to us
Kingdoms and Your Ministry
Learn how understanding the concept of Kingdoms could help you in relationships, ministry, and interacting with the religious community
Your Important Ministry
This sermon discusses the importance of your ministry and the importance of being yourself to be effective at that ministry.
The Existence of Hell
This sermon discusses the existence of hell. What is hell and what does the Bible really have to say about it? Is hell what we think it is? This sermon addresses those issues.
The Word of God and the Christian Life
Learn how important the word of God is to a Christian and what the phrase, "Word of God" really means.
The Effective Reality of God
We are going to discuss the reality of God in this lesson. In other words, the reality of God has real meaning to you and to such an extent that God and His ways influence your life.
The Power of God In You
This sermons deals with the power of God, which dwells in you.
Praise and Worship Part 1
This is the first in a two part series by Nellisa Lockley on the topic of Praise, Worship, and the Glory of God.
Praise and Worship Part 2
This is an outline for the second sermon in a two part series by Nellisa Lockley on Praise, Worship, and God's Glory.
The Extreme Gospel
This sermon helps us to understand the importance of knowing the true Gospel from the extreme gospel that is being taught today.
The Effects of Sin
This sermon looks at the effects of sin in our lives.
True Religion
This sermons looks at James 1:26-27 for insight into true religion that is acceptable to God.
Caring for the Needy
Learn from Deuteronomy chapters 14 and 15 how God has consistently shown that He is concerned about those in need.