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Complete Sermon List

I Want To See God
Many times we want to see God. Life can be so difficult and seemingly so unfair that we want a sign from God or just something that lets us know that he is really there. Perhaps that will spark some home in us.
Religion Getting in the Way
Religion is getting in the way of the truth with regards to Christianity. Too many people, ministers, and church organizations are preaching their religion and traditions instead of the true word of God. This oppresses the people instead of liberating them to an intimate relationship with God. This sermon investigates how religion and tradition get in the way of people finding the truth.
Two Steps to Truth
We are going to look at Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman to investigate a method of evangelism that I believe is many times lacking. I call it the two steps to truth, i.e., to Jesus Christ.
The Last Shall Be First
T he last shall be first.  For the purposes of this lesson we are going to relate that to the fact that there are many people who will be saved at the latter part of their lives and some even at their death bed.
Hope (2/3/2008)
This sermon discusses the need and source for hope, which will help us get through the challenges of life.
How To Keep From Conforming to the World (1/27/2008)
What does it take to keep form conforming to the world around you? Churches seem to accomodate our society instead of influencing it with the Gospel. How can you live a righteous life even in the midst of unrighteousness.
Spiritual Warfare: Our Authority (1/20/2008)
Do we have the authority to bind Satan? How should we approach the topic of spiritual warfare in our lives. This sermons investigates this topic by examining the revelation from the bible about spiritual warfare.
Disrespecting God (1/13/2007)
In this sermon we look at Malachi chapter 1 to see how the Israelites disrespected God from the priests on down. We can learn a good lesson about how we too may disrespect God by the things that we do.
More Than Rules (1/6/2007)
Christianity is more about rules, though many people treat it that way. The most significant part of Christiainity is the relationship Christians have with God and not their ability to follow the rules--whatever those rules may be. This sermon provides an overview of that point.
Bad Seeds Grow Too! (12/30/2007)
Many people are discovering that the claims of the prosperity movement. They have given much to ministries, including their own churches as they were told to by the prosperity teachers. However, the abundance of wealth has not come. This sermons provides an overview on this and insight into what we should really do.

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