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Sermons on Religious Concerns

Religion Getting in the Way
Religion is getting in the way of the truth with regards to Christianity. Too many people, ministers, and church organizations are preaching their religion and traditions instead of the true word of God. This oppresses the people instead of liberating them to an intimate relationship with God. This sermon investigates how religion and tradition get in the way of people finding the truth.
What Happened To Jesus' Message
We find that there is a lot of topics taught in the local churches, but how much time and effort to we give to the promotion of the message of Jesus Christ? We love to hear prosperity teachings, healing teachings, and other such "feel good" teachings. However, we really need to stay focused on the very thing that we should be most about, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Understanding the Church of Jesus Christ Part 3 - Organization
Learn the organization of the local church from a biblical perspective and compare it to the way the local church is organized today. Church organization today tends to lead away from the primary objective of spreading the gospel to make disciples of all nations. Churches are no mega-institutions that provide entertainment and club-like activities to attract more members and grow larger and larger.

Understanding the Church of Jesus Christ Part 2 - Authority
This is part two of a series that deals with understanding the truths of the Christian church. In this part we look into the authority of the church. This is a very important area as many are bound because of the perception of authority.
Understanding the Church of Jesus Christ: Part 1 - Defining the Church
This is part 1 of a series to reveal the difference between the body of Christ and the local church. Many people don't realize that the local church and the body of Christ are not the same. People pledge allegiance to their local church when they should pledge their allegiance to Jesus Christ. This sermon is a real eye opener and liberator for those who are bound by religion.
Help Save Them From Religion
In this sermon we discuss how we can help people to be free from religion. Many have lost sight of God with all of the various religious doctrines in the religious community. We have established our own religion and server God with zeal, but not according to truth.
Religion in a Christian Context
Do you know the difference between Christianity and religion? Where does religion fit in in regards to the Christian faith. This sermon gives a brief overview of religion in a Christian context.
Jesus the True Way To Life
How to be free from the bondage placed on you by religion