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Christian Living Sermon Notes

I Want To See God
Many times we want to see God. Life can be so difficult and seemingly so unfair that we want a sign from God or just something that lets us know that he is really there. Perhaps that will spark some home in us.
Hope (2/3/2008)
This sermon discusses the need and source for hope, which will help us get through the challenges of life.
How To Keep From Conforming to the World
What does it take to keep form conforming to the world around you? Churches seem to accomodate our society instead of influencing it with the Gospel. How can you live a righteous life even in the midst of unrighteousness.
Spiritual Warfare: Our Authority
Do we have the authority to bind Satan? How should we approach the topic of spiritual warfare in our lives. This sermons investigates this topic by examining the revelation from the bible about spiritual warfare.
Disrespecting God
In this sermon we look at Malachi chapter 1 to see how the Israelites disrespected God from the priests on down. We can learn a good lesson about how we too may disrespect God by the things that we do.
More Than Rules
Christianity is more about rules, though many people treat it that way. The most significant part of Christiainity is the relationship Christians have with God and not their ability to follow the rules--whatever those rules may be. This sermon provides an overview of that point.
What if We Are Just Not Listening?
What if God is guiding us, but we are simply not listening? We live our lives doing a variety of things and upholding many responsibilities. However, we many times neglect the most important thing. We neglect our relationship with God. This sermon deals with the importance of our relationship with God and how it affects our lives.
Remaining Confident in the Midst of Discouragement
Have you ever chose to do something and then found yourself surrounded by those who didn't believe that you could do it and began ti express it? Many times we are faced with a sea of discouragement when we try to reach our Goals. Learn from the story of Jairus and see how we too can remain confident in the midst of discouragement.
Are Christian Morals Changing
The morals of our society are changing. What used to be wrong is now acceptable. What used to be taboo is now in the open. Even some churches and ministers seem to embrace those things that were once thought of as immoral. Does this mean that Christianity or even Christian morals are changing? This sermon investigates this from a perspective that you might not expect.
How bad do you have to be to go to hell?
Christianity is not a performance-based faith. God is not counting your good deeds and bad deeds to weigh at the end to determine if you will go to heaven or hell. This lesson deals with freeing a Christian from the mentality of righteousness by works in order to fulfill God's purpose his or her life.
How Can We have Hope in a Hopeless Environment?
This sermons deals with the basis for Christian hope during our lifetimes and for the future life.
Standing Outside The Crowd
One of the challenges that Christians face is to not be influenced by the unrighteous world around them. We sometimes find that we must stand alone when we remain true to our convictions about the righteous lifestyle. This sermon looks at Noah and his comittment to God and the result of that.
Help to Believe
This lesson deals with a father who was having trouble believing that Jesus could heal his son of demonic possession.  He believed, but at the same time he seemed to doubt.  We will see his turmoil and what happened in the end and how this applies to us today.
Help to Beieve
Why do we lose faith in the midst of trouble sometimes? What if we could remain faithful to God and continue in confidence that he is with us and will help us no matter what?
A Window Into God's Way
God has revealed himself to us. It is up to us to seek him and find him through the way that he has provided for us.
Do What We Hear
If we consistently do the word of God then we will remember it and be blessed because of it.  We are going to look at James 1:119-25, which deals with this very thing, namely doing the word of God
The Path - Romans 8:28
This sermons interprets Romans 8:28 in light of its context and highlights how we can use what it teaches in our own lives
The Power of Encouragement
This sermon deals with the power of encouraging each other and how important it is to be in an environment where you could be edified and encouraged.
Christian Spirituality
What does it mean for Christians to be spiritual. This sermon goes into the answer to that and discusses the relationship between spirituality from a Christian perspective and sanctification.
It's Not About That
One of the things that we need to be aware of is that there are a lot of things that we do in the local church that mean little to nothing in regards to the call of the church, the body of Christ. Se spend a lot of time with fundraisers, buildings, equipment, giving, etc. and in many cases we have left behind the very thing that matters most. This message was delivered to the New Saint John Baptist Church as an effort to encourage them and to help them on their road to restoration.
This sermon deals with the increasing godlessness of our society. We are moving more towards sexual immorality and away from God. It is time for us to open our eyes so that we would see where we really are so that we would repent and get on track and strive for godliness.
Persist Until It Is Done
We set goals, but before long we give up. People establish New Year resolutions only to abandon those resolutions a short time thereafter. We need to persist to complete our goals so that we would be fulfilled and accomplish what we set out to do in the first place. This sermon deals with persisting to complete you goals and the importance of not neglecting those goals that are not in the forefront, but are just as important.

Connecting With People
This sermon deals with the need to connect with people to edify them and to open opportunities to share your faith in an effective manner. Too often we talk at people trying to convince them the "rightness" of our way instead of listening and helping them deal with their issues.

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An Eye for an Eye and Forgiveness
This sermon deals with the concept of “an eye for an eye” relative to retaliation and forgiveness.  We will then use the information gained to help us govern our lives particularly during those situations when we are wronged by someone else.  Our main text will be Matthew 5:38-48.

Experience God's Love
This sermon/study deals with experiencing God and his love in our normal everyday life. We are told that God loves us and we find that the Bible tells us the same. However, do we experience that love on a practicle or "real" level?
Influence and Representation
Christians influence the world around them and represent the Kingdom of God to others. It would behove us to realize that we do have an influence on people and that we should be true representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Zealous for God
This sermon will look at the zeal of a man named Phinehas and how God rewarded him for that zeal. That will be a segue into a short discussion on the zeal that we have for the Lord.
Inner Versus Outer Change
Learn the importance of allowing God to work from the inside out to effect change in your life insteady of YOU working from the outside in. This is important to keep religion from dominating your life and your personal relationship with the Lord.
Chance Encounters
What we call chance encounters may not always be chance encounters. Sometimes God leads us into certain situations or to meet certain people to accomplish his will. Read how Philip and Paul's chance encounters became a significant channel for spreading the Gospel of Christ.
Christian Characteristics
What are the characteristics of a Christian? Is there a way that we could look at certain traits of a person and conclude that he or she is a Christian? This sermon will be very enlightening in regards to this.
God's Involvement in Our Lives
This sermon deals with the question; "How is God invovled in our lives?" What is God doing about all of the suffering that happens in the world. This is a very inspiring sermon that deals with a very common issue regarding God's involvment in our lives
There is power in contentment. However, contentment is one of the least of things that we learn about or even desire for that matter. Learn about contentment and the importance it in our lives.
Listening, Speaking, and the Black Box
This sermon deals with the importance of communications in a relationship and especially the importance of listening, speaking, and how we perceive what we are told.
Bearing Fruit
This sermon deals with the concept of bearing fruit as a result of the new spirit that we have inside of us and our commitment to God.
Purpose To Please God
This sermon deals with the motivations of the activities in our lives once we are saved. We try all kinds of things to live out an acceptable life to God and yet we neglect the one thing that would lead us to such a life. We have to learn to purposely please God.
Seeing God Through His Word
This is a discussion on how we perceive God. Far too many people have a view or perception of God that does not come from what God has revealed about himself.
God Demands Respect
Do you respect God? God demands our respect. We are going to look at the book of Malichi to investigate respect for God and how it or a lack of it manifests itself in our lives.
Believe First
We tend to think negatively and pessimistically when we ask God for the things that we desire. Why don't we believe first instead of doubting first. This sermon deals with the principle of believing first to receive the things that you desire in your heart.
Starting Again
Learn how you can be more successful at accomplishing the goals that you have set for yourself including any lifestyle changes that you would like to make.
Wise Counsel
Learn the importance of receiving wise counsel from others and realize that God uses others to sow into your life.
The Bigger Picture
Learn how the events in our lives are not necessarily the end in themselves. You will find that many of the events in your life were stepping stones to other events. Learn the importance of recognizing God moving in our lives towards a particular goal.
How To Know God's Voice
This sermon discusses the ability to discern the voice of God among so many othe voices that we hear. Lean how you can know when God is talking to you or when God has indeed told you something.
I'm Saved! Now What?
What do you do after you have accepted and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior? What do you do after you are saved? This is the continuation of the sermon.
I'm Saved! Now What?
What do you do after you have accepted and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior? What do you do after you are saved?
Your Pain, Their Gain
Sometimes we go through painful situations, but it is for the benefit or gain of someone else. Here we will examine Acts 16:16-34 to see how Paul and company did not interpret events that occured as merely something for themselves, but rather followed God so that someone else would benefit even during their pain.
Dealing With Situations
Here we discuss some principles that would help you learn to deal with situations that arise in your life. This is a very practical discussion that will present things to you that you can use immediately.
Knowing What To Pray
How can we know what to pray? This discussion provides insight into prayer that we hope will help you to pray more effectively
Making a Difference
Learn how you can influence many and truly make a difference in this world now and in the future.

Living Worry Free
This sermon provides very practical insight into living a worry free life. Learn how you can keep from worrying about the situations that you find yourself in. This is a very practical lesson that you could use immediately.

Holy Christian Living
Learn what holy Christian living is and how to accomplish it.
The Misconception of Christianity
People have the wrong idea of Christianity. They don't know what Christianity is so they correlate certain behaviors or lack thereof with being a Christian or not.
The Role of the Conscience
Learn the role of the conscience in the life of a Christian as we attempt to discern what is right and wrong.
Free to Fail
Dealing with failures and setbacks in life
It's Only A Choice: Serve God
The process and difficulty of simply serving God
Doing God's Will
Knowing God's will and how to know God's instruction to you
When All Else Fails
The importance of seeking God to resolve life's issues and to find happiness and fulfillment
The Sufficiency of Christ
An overview of Ephesians 4:10-13 focusing on the secret of contentment in all situations realizing that our sufficiency is in Christ and not things.
Seek First God's Kingdom
The importance of pursuing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
Near to God
The importance of approaching God in order to overcome worldly temptations
What's Important to You
How God should be the most important one in your life
God's Way or Your Way
Understanding the importance of treasuring the Kingdom of God
Persistent Pursuit of God
The importance of being actively consistent regarding your relationship with God
God Wants You But Do You Want God
An examination into the affects of the prosperity movement on your intimate and personal relationship with God
Fulfilling Our Desires
A discussion on how we can fulfill our desires from a Christian perspective of course
Loving the Life You Have Now
A discussion on contentment and realizing your blessing that you already have
Why Do Bad Things Happen?
A discussion on the problem of Pain
What God Wants of Us
A discussion of the purpose of God on our lives
You Can Do It
Breaking the bonds that keep us from accomplishing our dreams and goals
The Faithfulness of God
Learn how the faithfulness of God compels his people to trust him and to be faithful like him.
Faith to Faithfulness
This sermon discusses the faithfulness that we develop by because of the faith we have in God. Our faith in God leads to obedience, which leads to faithfulness to him.
Practice Faith
Learn how faith requires that you do something besides merely sitting around waiting for God to do something. Your faith in God means that you will act on that faith like the women with the issue of blood.
Learn how reconciliation should be the norm in a Christian's life.
Help Save the People
Learn from Ezekiel chapters 6 & 7 how we should help people come to Christ and be saved. Our ministry is very important though we may not think so.
Implementing Faith
Learn how we can live a life while implementing faith in a practical manner to effect change in our lives.
The Life of Prayer
This sermon discusses the importance of prayer and the effectiveness of prayer in the life of a Christian.
The Way of Discipleship
Learn some of the things that we should be aware of in our ministry of discipleship.
The Worthwhile Thing To Do
Learn what is really worthwhile in life to do from a Christian perspective.
Knowing God's Voice
This lessons looks at examples from the Bible to give us insight into how we can know the voice of God in our normal everyday lives.
Minister With What You Have
This lesson will deal with not being afraid or apprehensive about doing what God has called you to do.
Bearing Fruit
Well, today’s lesson will deal with the process of bearing fruit in the Christian life.  We are going to use John 15:1-8 as the foundation of this lesson.
Don't Fret
This sermon looks at why we should not get upset because someone else prospers and we feel as though he or she should not have or that we should have prospered too.
Mercy Versus Ritual
This sermons deals with the conept that doing what is good and righteus has a higher priority then merely doing the law or following a ritual.
Connected to God
Being reconciled to God