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Christian Doctrine Sermon Notes

Bad Seeds Grow Too!
Many people are discovering that the claims of the prosperity movement. They have given much to ministries, including their own churches as they were told to by the prosperity teachers. However, the abundance of wealth has not come. This sermons provides an overview on this and insight into what we should really do.
The Doctrine of Perseverance
This sermon deals with the doctrine of perseverance, also known as eternal security. Can a Christian lose his or her salvation? Can a Christian commit a sin that is so bad that his or her salvation is forfeited? Can a Christian turn his back on Christ and lose his salvation? Read more.
Has Christianity Become Too Complicated
With the many beliefs and teachings in the Christian community, one must ask has it become too complicated? What is Christianity anyway?
Is Christianity Right?
How do you know that Christianity is right? How can we be sure that the Christianity is the one religion of all religions that is the right one? This sermon gives an introduction to the path of knowing the truth of the Christian faith.
Revealing True Faith
This sermon deals with the identification of true Christian faith. This lesson is a must read to help you learn about true Christian faith and distinguish it from the false teachings of faith that is so prevelant in the prosperity movement.
The Revelation of Faith
This sermon presents a revelation about faith that many of us miss especially with all of the prosperity teachings today. Learn a simple truth about faith that could change the way you think of yourself and salvation.
Jesus: The Son of God
Do you know who Jesus Christ is? Would you be able to tell others who Jesus Christ is especially with so many ideas and beliefs about Jesus? This lesson discusses the fundamental fact about Jesus Christ, namely that He is the Son of God.
The Cost of Salvation - Back to Basics
Salvation is a gift to us from God, however there was a large cost for it. This sermons discusses the basics about our salvation, namely the reason we have it and what it cost.
Legalism Versus Faith
The Jerusalem Council and its significance are observed and discussed in this lesson. Learn how legalism is not the way to salvation and how Christianity was spared from becoming another religion of works.
The Purpose of Jesus Christ (Christmas Notwithstanding)
A look at the relationship of Jesus Christ and the Christmas Season
Who is Jesus Christ?
An introduction to the fundamentals of Christianity Series of studies focusing on jesus Christ
Women Pastors?
Dealing with the issue of women pastors
The Simplicity of the Christian Faith
A discussion on the fundamentals of the Christian faith
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith Part 1 - Salvation
This sermon discusses the basics of salvation as it relates to the Christian faith. Salvation is defined.
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith Part 2 - Path to Salvation
Learn the process of salvation to those being saved.
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith Parth 3 - Concepts
Learn some of the concepts of the Christian faith such as redemption, propitiation, justification, and more.
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith Part 4 - God's Calling to Salvation
This sermon discusses the call of God to salvation.
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith Part 5 - Salvation Lesson from Jonah
Learn how the story of Jonah gives us a valuable lesson in the salvation of God. God's salvation extends to all people even those whom we feel are unworthy.
Christianity Versus Churchianity: Who Is Telling the Truth - Part 1
Learn the difference between true Christianity and the false doctrines perpetuated by men and women purportedly of God. This is the beginning of a series of sermons that exposes the false doctrines of many including the "Word of Faith" movement.
Christianity Versus Churchianity Part 2: Discerning Truth
Learn how to discern between Christian truth and false teachings.
Christianity Versus Churchianity Part 4 - Faith
Learn what the Bible says about faith and how it contrasts with the Word of Faith movement.
Christianity Versus Churchianity Part 3 - The claims
Learn what Christianity and Churchianity says about Jesus Christ and God.