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  1. Should we pray in tongues on every topic that we intercede on?
  2. What is Paul's teaching on divorce in 1 Corinthians 7:10-11? Is there a difference between departing and divorcing and why does he say "but" in verse 11? Does that give permission to divorce as long as one is to remain unmarried or stating a condition for disobedience?"
  3. "'Is God's power at our disposal? Can we use it to our discretion? For example, If you believe and ask in Jesus' then will it be done for you or if you say to this mountain move etc...Or are we just the clay, and He the potter?"
  4. "Does praying in the spirit equate to praying in tongues?"
  5. Who Made God?
  6. What is the purpose for our lives?
  7. Does God love Christians differently than non-Christians