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The Call

Church Resume'

My Parents
Pastor Effie Blumentoe
William R. Cunningham
(AKA Pastor Bill)

This page provides information about the pastor of Pursuing the Truth Ministries, William R. Cunningham.

First my name, as you know, is William Reginald Cunningham and I love God and people.  I am the founder of Pursuing the Truth Ministries.  I enjoy  music, computer technology and science in general. I have been studying the Bible since the late 1970's and sought to share what I had learned. I have been working in church one way or another. I also work in the Information Technology area and I specialize in Internet technologies such as web applications and website design.  I also am active in the networking area.

I have been a Christian since about the summer of 1976. At least that is when I responded to the altar call in my church. I suppose that I was a Christian sometime before that because I believed in Jesus Christ since I was about six or seven. My mother taught me about God and Jesus and I had a relationship with Christ long before I became involved with church. I grew up in church and was very blessed by the experience.  I believe that the knowledge of the Bible is crucial for all Christians. I teach Bible study classes and coordinate a family fellowship each month.  I have written many Bible study guides and outlines, some of which are available on this site.  I pastored Oasis Christian Fellowship of Philadelphia for a couple of years until I relocated.

I was married in 1988 to then Carla Yvette Lockley.  God has blessed us with a son, William Nathaniel after much trials and tribulations concerning conception.

I believe that we are our 'brother's" keeper. I believe in the church as a place of fellowship to worship God and learn from the word together.  However, I believe that our primary education concerning the things of God and about God should come from our own personal Bible study beginning with our parent's teachings about Christ (this assumes that the parents are Christians).

I strongly believe in the pursuit of the truth, which is found in the Word of God.  The Holy Bible is our first source for the revelation of God and His Kingdom.  I believe that all Christians should make it a normal activity to study their Bible and learn the word of God.  In the words of my former pastor, Effie Blumentoe, we should "eat, drink, and digest the word of God."

I am not a "duck in the row" kind of person. I do not simply go along with the crowd. I have been the cause of several confrontations with ministers and pastors. I found that many pastors take an authoritaitve aproach to church whereas they should take a servants approach. I found that many pastors do not like when they cannot control someone especially in leadership. I was that person that could not be controlled. I was not and am not one to simply believe what I am told and move with it. I was trained to pursue truth and to know the truth. That rubbed many pastors the wrong way.

I have been accused of being an agent of Satan. I have been accused of stealing members from a church I once attended. I was accused of dividing the church. I was excommunicated from one church and many other persecutions from perported pastors and ministers of God. It is unfortunate that I and others have had to go through such persecution, but such is the case. I know others who have gone through the same things simply because they were not controllable.

I continue to press forward to spread the truth of the Christian faith. I endeavor to tell people the truth and to free them from the bondage of religion and the false teachings that so permeate the church scene. I desire that people would know Jesus Christ above all else and to therefore know the truth. That is the premise of Pursuing the Truth Ministries.

- William R. Cunningham