Our New Website

Welcome to the New Pursuing the Truth Ministries' website.  It has been a long time since I've updated the site and amazingly since 1994, this is only the third version of the website.  In any case, I am very excited about this website.  It uses a completely different technology than the previous versions and it was surely a learning experience.  It was supposed to go live in January, but I just wasn't pleased with the design.  Therefore, I started the design process from scratch using a wonderful theme.

This website, as in the past, contains study guides, articles, videos, and more.  You will find a plethora of resources to help you learn more about the Christian faith and to answer questions that you may have.  I will be adding many more videos to the available resources since videos are very effective at getting a message across.

An ongoing theme of late with me is to get people to pursue God.  I desire that people would gain a personal and intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that that relationship transcend any religious affiliation or church denomination.  I want you to know God for yourself.  Unfortuantely, from my experiences, most people who call themselves Christian have no idea who God is or who Jesus Christ is.  They typically do not spend time reading and learning from the bible, but instead fill their days with the normal worldly things such as watching TV, playing games, pursuing unrighteousness, and more.  I meet very few people who seem to be pursuing God.  The consequence of this is that when Satan attacks, we have no idea how to respond or what to do withing the realm of the Kingdom of God.  We are left to exclusively depend on doctors, lawyers, accountants, friends, the lottery, etc.

The bible reveals to us that God's people are destroyed from their lack of knowledge, that is, their lack of relationship with God (Hosea 4:6).  I find that we pursue everything except God.  We go about our lives and have no idea what to do in trouble or in good times.  I find most professed Christians are actually worldly.  There are very few who I would say are truly disciples of Christ.  What I say here includes myself up to several years ago even when I was studying and teaching the bible.  God said to me one time in prayer, "Where have you been?"  I was confused and responded by telling him how I've been studying and teaching the bible.  God told me that bible study and fellowship with him are not the same thing.  That shook my world so to speak and I have been making adjustments to my life ever since.

Pursuing the Truth Ministries is a platform that I am using to get the word out so to speak. No pun intended.  I want people to know that they can know God personally and intimately. They don't have to exclusively rely on what they are told in churches, which may be their greatest mistake.  We can only gain that relationship if we pursue it.  Jesus promised us that if we seek we will find. I desire that you become a seeker, i.e., a disciple of Jeusus Christ..