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Christian Marriage

The purpose of this article is to share what I have learned about Christian marriages. There are many aspects of a true Christian marriage that need to be revealed so that Christians will benefit resulting in highly productive and successful marriages. I believe that the typical teaching of the husband's and the wife's respective duties in a marriage relationship is inadequate and falls well below what is necessary to have a successful marriage.

The Place of Women

It is taught in many churches that basically women are inferior to men and therefore are restricted to certain activities. For example, it is taught that women cannot be pastors in a church. It is taught that women cannot preach from a pulpit but must stand at the podium. It is taught that the wife must obey the husband and yield to his wishes. Many other such things are taught in the church that basically degrade the women of the world and the Christian faith.

Does the Bible indeed teach us that women are inferior? Does the Bible restrict women from serving in certain capacities in the church? Is a woman bound to do whatever her husband wants? What is the purpose of women and what are their roles in life? These and other questions are the topic of this study. We are going to examine from a scriptural perspective the place of women in life.


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