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Bible Study assemennt questions

The following questions relate to things that we have studied over the past few years.  You should be able to discuss these with ease even though you might not know the corresponding scriptures off the top of your head.  The purpose here is to reinforce your understanding of the fundamentals of Christianity and not necessarily your memorization of Scripture, though knowing the scriptures is important too. An answer key will be provided shortly

  1. How do we obtain salvation?
  2. What is salvation?
  3. Define Christianity
  4. Explain Jesus’ role in our salvation.
  5. Explain the Holy Spirit’s role in our salvation.
  6. Define righteousness
  7. Define and explain justification
  8. Explain the role of works in justification
  9. Define regeneration
  10. Define Holy
  11. What is the authority of the Christian faith?
  12. What is the Christian faith founded upon?
  13. Describe the doctrine of the Trinity
  14. What is repentance?
  15. Discuss the concept of election, predestination, and foreknowledge as they relate to the salvation process
  16. Define sanctification
  17. Is “Once saved always saved” true?  Explain.
  18. Define textual criticisms as it pertains to the study and interpretation of the Bible
  19. What is meant by the Bible being inerrant and infallible?
  20. What is meant by the phrase, “Plenary, inspired, inerrant word of God”
  21. What does omnipresent mean?
  22. What does omniscient mean?
  23. What does omnipotent mean?
  24. What are some attributes of God?
  25. Name two types of revelations from God and explain them.
  26. What is the difference between the King James Version of the Bible and the New International Version of the Bible?
  27. What is a Bible concordance?
  28. Explain how you would use the Bible concordance to determine a particular Greek or Hebrew word in a scripture and its meaning?
  29. Explain the importance of context in regards to studying the Bible
  30. What is hell and how does it differ from hades?
  31. Explain the relationship between the lake of fire and hell.
  32. What is the primary original language of the New Testament?
  33. What is the primary original language of the Old Testament
  34. What is the apocrypha?
  35. How do you know that you are going to heaven?
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