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Do you know the truth or just what you were told?


This is a very powerful and revealing question in my opinion. I have talked to many people that only know what they were told. Their entire concept of God is based on dogma and not necessarily personal revelation. It is also well known that most Christians do not study the Bible so they have no choice but to rely on what someone else says about God. People have ideas about church, God, Jesus, evil, Satan, tithing, giving, prosperity and a plethora of other topics and most can only regirgitate what they have heard said. I can tell you what I believe or think about something because I have studied it and have come to an objective conclusion (at least as objective as I can get). I am sure that I have dogma remaining in my members but each day brings another opportunity to replace dogma of people with the Truth of the Word of God. My goal is to live totally according to the word. Now I know that such is impossible as long as I remain in the flesh. However, the higher I aim then the higher I am most likely to go.

What do you know? Do you study your Bible? Think about the amount of time that you have spent over the last week on things pertaining to the pursuit of God. Weigh the amount of time and effort that you gave to television and to the study of the Word of God. I am not implying that you should have so many hours of study and so many hours of leisure and the like. I am merely pointing out that we spend little time studying the word of God and yet we can find time to spend on those things that are temporal at best and meaningless at most (when compared to the Kingdom of God). What do you do to pursue God? Are you living according to your God give purpose? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? It's sad that there are so many churches (at least in the United States, which is my context) and yet so many professed Christians are still clueless about who God is.

I challenge you to begin to study the Bible. Begin to build a library of resources so that you could study the Bible most effectively. Spend time with the Father. Spend time learning of Jesus Christ and establishing a relationship with Christ. Begin to learn and receive revelation from the Word of God and live free. Are you free? You are probably not free if you are a member in good standing of the typical church. You are probably bound to dogma and the way of the word that has perpetuated the church if you are a member of good standing in the typical church. So pursue the Truth. Eat, drink, and digest the Word of God and know God for yourself.

God bless you always.

Pastor Bill

Are you saved? Click here if you are not saved and desire to know more of what Christianity really is and what a Christian really is. I'll say this. You probably have not seen true Christianity if you are a member in good standing in the typical church. True Christianity transcends the church organization and is a matter of life. Click here for more information.