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Welcome to Pursuing the Truth Ministries' Website

Pursuing the Truth Ministries is the ministry of William R. Cunningham. We are dedicated to providing resources that will help you develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord and that that relationship transcends any church denomination or religious affiliation. We desire that you know God for yourself.


The new website is coming along. I have established the structure and layout. I am in the process of moving all of the content on this website to the new one. I am very excited about this. I am hoping to launch the new website in January of 2017.


Featured Studies

The following are some studies that are featured for your edification.

Loving Life

We toil and care. We strive and we fuss. We deal with situation after situation never really stopping to "smell the roses." We seek a promotion on the job, more education for increased pay, and other such things. What are we really trying to do? Ultimately we all want to be happy and find enjoyment and pleasure in our lives. Now ask yourself the following question and be honest and thorough. Do you enjoy your life? Think about the answer for a few minutes. Discover the reasons for your answer.

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Disciples of Christ

Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. He told His disciples to go and preach the kingdom, heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead. What happened to that. Chuches today are focused on building memberships without making disciples. They seek to have events, programs, dinners, and involvements in social activities over and above an effort to make disciples of all nations. This short article highlights the importance of obeying the command of Christ and the consequences of not doing so over so many years.

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We take the book of Haggai and extract a very important priniple that will enable us to experience God's blessings in our lives. This book reveals something fundamental that will help us to receive from God.

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