The Simplicity of Christianity

When many people think of Christianity, they tend to think of religion.  There are even many churches that are religions and not really Christian.  By that, I mean that there are many churches that do more religious activities than they promote Christianity.  Because of this, many people think of Christianity as a complicated religion, though it is not a religion at all.  People will think of paying tithes, going to church every Sunday, not watching certain movies or listening to certain music, not wearing certain clothes, etc.  Unfortunately this view of Christianity has been perpetuated in churches such that people don't see what Christianity really is.  You are more likely to encounter religious deeds such as various types of services, programs, outings, etc. and not so much the things directly pertaining to what Christianity is all about, namely Jesus Christ.

In this video I put forth the idea that Christianity is simple.  It is about Jesus Christ and living the Spirit that is in you.  It is not about following the rules, like religion, but rather in following Christ who has made the way plain for us.