Life Priorities

What are your priorities?  What goals do you have for yourself?  More importantly, what are you doing about those priorities and goals?  It’s one thing to have a goal and it is another thing to actually pursue it.  A goal that is not pursued is not really a goal at all, but rather a wish.  One person may say, “I wish I could get more money” and another says the same thing, however he starts doing something to get more money.

Encourage Yourself

Sometimes I get excited about what I learn from studying the bible and subsequently what I believe.  I expect that others will be just as excited.  However, I find that such isn't the case.  Time and time again I find myself reaching out to "strangers" for encouragement and a sanity check.  Am I being presumptuous or foolish in my faith?  When things don't happen immediately, then I start wondering if there is something wrong with me hindering the results of my applied faith.  Jesus said something that I know understand very much.


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