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Is The Resurrection Real?

There are many people who do not believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually happened.  Frankly, I don't blame them.  Why should they?  I too wondered how we can know that the resurrection actually happened.  I was rasied in the church so I took it for granted that Jesus did raise from the dead.  However, why did I believe that and why should anyone else believe it?  Well, I found that there is very good reason to believe that the resurrection actually existed.  I found that the bible is indeed a very reliable source of historical information and of course it is the source of information about what God has revealed to us.  Most people, from my experience, do not study the bible nor do they try to learn more about the faith they profess from a historical perspective.  To most people, Christianity is simply a religion that they practice on Sunday morning or during special occassions such as Resurrection Sunday, i.e., Easter Sunday.  With all that, the resurrection probably really happened and from my point of view it really did.

Easter - What is it All About Anyway?

Easter is upon us again and there is a lot of activity.  People are going to the grocery stores to purchase the food to prepare their Easter meals.  Others will also be attending church services beginning with Good Friday.  What does it all mean?  Celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is something we have chosen to do.  Christianity would be just as potent, if you will, without it.  We humans are given to special days and times and this time of year is no acception.  What is this Easter all about anyway?  What does it mean in the whole scope of the Christian faith and our daily lives as Christians?


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