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Encourage Yourself

Sometimes I get excited about what I learn from studying the bible and subsequently what I believe.  I expect that others will be just as excited.  However, I find that such isn't the case.  Time and time again I find myself reaching out to "strangers" for encouragement and a sanity check.  Am I being presumptuous or foolish in my faith?  When things don't happen immediately, then I start wondering if there is something wrong with me hindering the results of my applied faith.  Jesus said something that I know understand very much.

Keep It Simple!

It is amazing how many different doctrines there are in the Christian community.  There are those who say that speaking in tongues (unknown language) is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  There are those who say that Christians should speak in tongues. There are those who say that the modern day speaking in tongues is unbiblical and even demonic.  There are those who say God doesn't heal today and those that say he does.  I could go on, but the list is quite exhaustive.  People are always complicating things.


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