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Christianity: Not About Easter

What do Easter celebrations, Sunrise services, Easter egg hunts, new clothes, and more have to do with Christianity?  You might be surprised to know that celebrating most Easter activities have nothing to do with Christianity.  Easter is that time of year where religion is very much distinguished from the true Christian faith.  Religion has rituals, celebrations, services, events, etc.  Christianity has a way.  It is a relationship.  Most, of the Easter celebrations that I have experienced and still experience have nothing to do with what Christianity is about.

God is Not Religious!

God is not religious.  He does not reside in our religious institutions or practices.  He is not found in the rules and rituals that we so religiously adhere to.  Pun intended.  However, there are many people who perceive God through religion.  They think God is in the presence of much pomp and circumstance.  They think God is in the singing of hymns, the various ritualistic church services, or even in the study of scripture.  God is not necessarily in those places.


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