God is Not Religious!

God is not religious.  He does not reside in our religious institutions or practices.  He is not found in the rules and rituals that we so religiously adhere to.  Pun intended.  However, there are many people who perceive God through religion.  They think God is in the presence of much pomp and circumstance.  They think God is in the singing of hymns, the various ritualistic church services, or even in the study of scripture.  God is not necessarily in those places.

God Has Enough Power For You!

Sometimes when I talk to people, I find that their lack of faith in God's word is so profound, that you would think the lights would dim in heaven if God had to do something for them.  People sometimes think that their problem is so great that surely God can't handle it.  At the same time, they demonstrate a lack of faith in God, they readily put their faith in man.  I would like to discuss this phenomenon with you in this blog post.  Why not fight to trust God even if you have to rely on man in the end.  Why not trust God first?


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