The Basics of Christianity

Christianity is a faith where we put our trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.  This is in contrast to religion where salvation, favors from the diety, etc., are acquired by works.  That is, in relgion, people have to earn favors from their god or entry into their "heaven."  Not so in Christianity.  This is where many are confused or illinformed.  In Christianity, people do not earn a ticket to heaven so to speak.  They rely on Jesus Christ, who has already provided the way for us to get to God.  Jesus is the way to the Father and subsequently to heaven.

In this video I contrast religion and Christianity and share with you the basics of Christianity.  My discussion is at a very bird's eye level so to speak in that we are only going to look at the basic fundamentals.  We will dig deeper into what makes a Christian in a later teaching.  For now suffice it for me to say that Christianity is not about following the man-made rules of a religion or its dogma.  Chrisianity is first about Jesus Christ and what he did for us and whether or not we believe it.