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Topical Aricles

Praying in the Spirit Versus Praying in Tongues
This article deals with the confusion that some have with regards to praying in the Spirit as it relates to praying in tongues. Is praying in the Spirit the same as praying in tongues? Read this article to answer that question.
Meditating on God's Word
This article presents the importance of meditating on the word of God. It reveals what it means to meditate on God's word and how we can do it.
The Ressurection of Lazarus
In this article we investigate the truths in the story of Lazarus and how religious teachings is incorrect.
To Love God
Insight into what it means to love God
About Creation
Response to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding man's predecessor
Evidence for Creation
Evidence for creation revealed in the Bible
The Plight of the Giver
The pains and triumph of those who have the heart of a giver
Mothers of Wisdom, Courage, and Faith
Identifying the mother of wisdom, courage, and faith
To Love Others
Insight into what it really means to love someone
The Spirit
Comments on the Spirit of God by John Henry
Destroying the Ties that Bind
A discussion on the need of Christians to break free of the things that bind them
Waiting on God
A very inspiring and informative poem
John Henry on Romans Chapter 12
Sermon on Romans chapter 12 by John Henry
About Sex
Sex in the life of a Christian
God's Will by Jason Forbes
Scriptural journey into the topic of God's will
Developing a Library
Information on devloping a Christian Library for the purpose of Bible Study and edification
About Faith
Practical aspects of faith by John Henry
Assurance of Truth
How do we know that we are not receiving someone's interpretation of truth in lieu of the truth itself
God's Love For You
Realize that God already loves you