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Article Listing

Disciples of Christ
Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. He told His disciples to go and preach the kingdom, heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead. What happened to that. Chuches today are focused on building memberships without making disciples. They seek to have events, programs, dinners, and involvements in social activities over and above an effort to make disciples of all nations. This short article highlights the importance of obeying the command of Christ and the consequences of not doing so over so many years.
Can We Know That We Are Saved?
I was told by a Sunday School attendee some time ago that we cannot know that we are truly saved. We can do our best to be "good" and hope for the best for the most part. This article is a response to that.
Believe God With the Heart
This article deals with the practice of really believing God based on the revelation given to us in Mark 11:22-24.
Praying in the Spirit Versus Praying in Tongues
This article deals with the confusion that some have with regards to praying in the Spirit as it relates to praying in tongues. Is praying in the Spirit the same as praying in tongues? Read this article to answer that question.
Overcoming the Deception of Unbelief
This article deals with the contradictory lives that many Christians live. They say that they trust God and that God loves them, but their actions and their confessions say otherwise. This article provides some useful insight into how to begin believing God instead of just saying that you do.
Meditating on God's Word
This article presents the importance of meditating on the word of God. It reveals what it means to meditate on God's word and how we can do it.

Overview of Christian Church History
This is a document that I wrote several years ago. It is basically my notes during my Christian history studies. I hope that it will help you understand more about the Christian church and the Christian Faith, which through this study I realized were quite different.

Where is the Faith?
This article deals with the lack of faith that is demonstrated by those who call themselves Christian and what we can do to rectify this.
The Ressurection of Lazarus
In this article we investigate the truths in the story of Lazarus and how religious teachings is incorrect.
Pursuing God Above All Else: An Illustration From Marriage
This article views our relationship with God through the union of marriage so that we can see how other things can affect our relationship with the Lord.
How Is Marriage Established
We will take a look at questions about the proper way of establishing an acceptable marriage before God.
Blessings and Real Life
We take a practical look at blessings from the perspective of everyday life
To Love God:  Insight into what it means to love God
Ministerial Authority:  Information on the authority of ministers in a Christian's life
Children's Conscience:  Why our children have no conscience
About Creation:  Response to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding man's predecessor
Profanity:  Insight into the what profanity really is
Evidence for Creation:  Evidence for creation revealed in the Bible
John Henry on Truth:  Insight into acquiring truth relative to the interpretation of others
The Plight of the Giver:  The pains and triumph of those who have the heart of a giver
Depression:  Do people who have Christ in their hearts ever get depressed?
Emotions:  An examination of the affects of emotions on our lives
Mothers of Wisdom, Courage, and Faith:  Identifying the mother of wisdom, courage, and faith
To Love Others:  Insight into what it really means to love someone
The Spirit:  Comments on the Spirit of God by John Henry
Destroying the Ties that Bind:  A discussion on the need of Christians to break free of the things that bind them
Waiting on God:  A very inspiring and informative poem
John Henry on Romans Chapter 12:  Sermon on Romans chapter 12 by John Henry
When All Else Fails:  What to do when you have tried everything you could think of to solve a problem and nothing worked
God's Will by Jason Forbes:  Scriptural journey into the topic of God's will
Developing a Library:  Information on devloping a Christian Library for the purpose of Bible Study and edification
Thoughts on Church:  My thoughts on the church organization relative to the Christian's life
About Faith:  Practical aspects of faith by John Henry
Assurance of Truth:  How do we know that we are not receiving someone's interpretation of truth in lieu of the truth itself
God's Love For You:  Realize that God already loves you