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What is your present state?

How do you feel about your life now? Do you feel that you are secure and that you are happy with your life? Do you feel that there is something missing, a craving or prompting to something out there that you just can't put your finger on? The fact of the matter is that we humans would love to pave our own roads as we go through life. We would love to define at any given moment what is right and what is wrong. We try to glorify ourselves with the dillusion that we are in control of our destiny and that nothing we do really matters in the long run. However, such is not the case. It has been written that those who believe that there is no God is foolish. There is a power outside of your own that controls your destiny as well as the entire world. There is a power outside of your own that detemines ultimately what is right and what is wrong and those standards do not change conveniently.

Now here we are thinking that we are OK and that we are righteous. Here we are thinking that we are good people and that should count for nothing. Sure there are some that believe there is no God, which implies nothing really matters. It is hard for me to believe that such could be the case. There is purpose to this life and we are going someplace. Where are you going? Humans are sinful at the core. We want to do things our way and when we want to do it. Why is it that we have to learn to do good and to do right? Why is it that a child must learn to share and other such things. That's because we are born with only a concept of self. We are born sinners. A sinner is someone that lives contrary to the truth. Some say that sinners simply are those that live contrary to the rules. However, the truth is more appropriate when we consider the ultimate "rules." Men and women are lost in their own sin and they are destined to utter darkness for eternity.

People are all headed to a place known as "Hell" or "Hades." Ultimately we are headed for a place of everlasting separation from our creator. Our unrighteousness has separated us from the one that created us. We live life our own way instead of the Creator's way. We choose to follow our own rules instead of obeying God's ways. However, we are all lost from the day we are born. We all have a disposition to do evil from the day we are born. We are all doomed from day one.

However, God did not abandon us, though he could have. He did not leave us to die in our own sin and unrighteousness. He provided a way for us to be saved from the impending doom that is before all of us. He sent Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, to die for us so that we would be saved. This Jesus the Christ died so that we wouldn't have to. He paid the price for our sins. He sufferend the wrath for our own sins, which is death. Jesus was executed by the religious leaders of the day through the Roman empires method of execution. Jesus was hung on a wooden cross to die for what he did not do. However, His death was for us not himself. He had no sin in him. He was the acception to what I said earlier about humans entering the world with the disposition to sin. Jesus did not. This was because He was not born by the normal means that humans are born. He was said to have been born of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was said to have been born by imaculate conception. That is to say that Mary and Joseph (his mother and father respectively) did not have intercourse where Mary conceived and gave birth. What was conceived in her was from the Holy Spirit. In other words, her conception was miraculous and from God. One might think such is impossible but how can we talk about impossibility involving something that was created by the one that created all things. So Jesus was born not of man but of God and therefore did not have the same disposition to sin (sin nature) that all other people have. He was born with the disposition to do God's will. This is why he could die for our sins since if he had sin of his own, then his death would have simply been for himself.

Through this Jesus the Christ, we can live. We can experience joy and hope because of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection. That's correct. God raised Jesus from the dead three days after he was crucified on the cross according to the Roman methods of execution at that time (1st century AD). So Jesus not only paid the penalty for our sins, he also defeated the death that we were all destined to. The death that He defeated was two-fold. First he took the sting or fear out of death since the death of a Christian on earth only means that we would live forever with God the Father. Secondly, he overcame the total separation that we would all have experienced if Jesus Christ had not died and rose again for us.

Believe In Jesus The Christ

So now we have a way out of the impending doom that is before us, namely Jesus Christ. How is this done? We simply have to believe in him. We have to believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was buried, and that he rose from the dead three days later. That's it. The way out of our ultimate doom is simply faith (to believe in Jesus Christ). What does that mean exactly? To believe in Jesus Christ means that you believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was sufficient for your salvation. You believe that Jesus Christ died for you and now you could live to God. You believe that your eternity is secured with God through Jesus Christ. You do believe that you have eternal life with God because of your faith in Christ Jesus. This is important because there are many that each and believe that there are other things that you have to do to be saved. Some say that you have to follow certain rules, regulations, and protocol. Some examples of these are restricting the type of clothes that you wear, what you are supposed to do, etc. No. Your salvation is established by your faith in Christ Jesus and not by your ability to follow the rules.

So all you have to do is to believe in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in order to experience the salvation from your doom and to fill the void in your life. I have described how he is your savior already. He has saved you from your sin and you can experienced (grab hold of) that salvation simply by believing in Him. However, Jesus is also to be your Lord. That simply means that you have to yield your life to Him so that you can experience fulfillment in your life. That is beyond the scope of this article, however.

Do you believe what I have said. Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and was raised from the dead so that you would live forever with the Lord. Do you believe that what Jesus did was enough and that there are no other requirements for salvation. If you believe in your heart the Lord Jesus and say it then you are saved. That's it! Can yo say that? Do you believe that? Do you believe in Jesus Christ. If so then congratulations on your new life for you are saved.

Now what do you do?

Begin to live your life for Christ. Here are some things you should begin to do right away.

  1. Contact us and tell us that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and that you believe in Him. Click here for the contact form
  2. Pray to God regularly so that you would build a relationship with Him
  3. Read and study your Bible regularly so that you would know what it says first hand.
  4. Find a fellowship of believers where you can grow.
  5. Feel free to contact us for support. Do you have a Bible? We will send you one if you do not. Just let us know (click here)