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Pursuing the Truth Ministries is a Christian ministry dedicated to the cause of pursuing the truth that is revealed to us in the Word of God. There are so many Christian today that know more about their own denomination or church then they know of Jesus Christ. Many Christians are ignorant of the Word of God and have great knowledge in the things of their church, denomination, or group. Consider the number of denominations and sub-denominations. Consider the plethora of dogma within the church organization. There are the Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Holiness, and the list goes on. Why are there so many differences in doctrine apart from the truth of the Word of God. One church condemns the other for not believing as they do. Another denomination declares that all that don't believe a certain way is destined for hell. People are so indoctrinated with their own denominational beliefs and church dogma that they forget to consider Christ. People need the truth because on that Truth they will be able to stand fast in the faith.

How much do you know about Jesus Christ? Many Christians today can probably tell you the seven steps to prosperity or the 3 steps to abundance more than they can tell you about the Kingdom of God. Many if not most Christians do not study their Bible. This means that they are prone to accept whatever they are told by their pastor or respective church leader. The mission of Pursuing the Truth Ministries is to provide resources to those who are seeking the truth and to promote Jesus' admonition to, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." Pursuing the Truth Ministries is about helping people be all that they can be and do all that God has for them to do. We strive to point people in the direction of truth.

The Vision

The vision of this ministry is that of Christians walking the earth realizing the liberty that they have in Christ Jesus.  I see Christians that know God apart from religious ties, denominational affiliations, and dogma.  Our vision is of people who are seeking the truth and joining together in true fellowship edifying each other and radiating the love of God to all people in addition to being true representatives of citizens of God's Kingdom. Our vision is the whole world being true disciples of Christ.

The Mission

The mission of Pursuing the Truth Ministries is to provide resources that would facilitate the pursuit for the Truth. Our mission is to provide Bible studies, biblically oriented articles, lessons, discussions, sermons, online seminars, and other resources that would help you in your pursuit of the Truth as you study the word of God and fellowship with other Christians. We are vehement about providing resources to you that would assist you in your personal pursuit of the Truth from the Word of God. These resources are designed to be as objective and unbiased as possible, which means that the resources from this ministry are based on a systematic and inductive study and evaluation of the Bible.

Pursuing the Truth Ministries also sponsors community seminars and workshops to further provide resources to those who are seeking the answers to their questions pertaining to Theology. 


The founder of Pursuing the Truth Ministries is Reverend William R. Cunningham. Click here to read more about him.