The Sabbath

Are Christians supposed to observe the sabbath as commanded by God to the Hebrews?  Which day really is the sabbath?  There are groups that believe that Christians are supposed to obey the true sabbath, which is Saturday, and there are those who claim that the sabbath was changed to Sunday by Constantine, and there are still others who believe that Christians are not commanded to observe a sabbath day.  This study is designed to present the biblical data to teach us about the sabbath doctrine.

Church in the Christian Life

What is church all about?  There are so many teachings today in the local churches, on television, and radio.  You can purchase books dealing with a multitude of topics in your local Christian book store or your basic book store like Walden's.  However, there seems to be a difference when one looks at the church and the Bible.  The church of today does not seem to conform to the image that the Bible paints of the Body of Christ.


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