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Pursuing the Truth Ministries is dedicated to reveal the true Christian Faith to the world.  We desire that you have a personal and intimate relationship with The Father through Jesus Christ and that that relationship transcends you church denomination or religious affiliation.  We want you to know God for yourself.  We are passionate about the liberty we have in Christ, the Word of God, the welfare of people, and of course salvation, 

This website provices a plethora of resources that you can use to learn more about the Christian faith, what the bible teaches us, Jesus Christ, and many other things pertaining to Christianity.  Feel free to go through the material and send your questions and comments of you have any.


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God Has Enough Power For You

Sometimes when I talk to people, I find that their lack of faith in God's word is so profound, that you would think the lights would dim in heaven if God had to do something for them.  People sometimes think that their problem is so great that surely God can't handle it.  At the same time, they demonstrate a lack of faith in God, they readily put their faith in man.  I would like to discuss this phenomenon with you in this blog post.  Why not fight to trust God even if you have to rely on man in the end.  Why not trust God first?

The True Biblical Revelation of Financial Prosperity

How should a Christian think of wealth?  Is it ok for a Christian to be wealthy?  Is tithing and giving the method for obtaining wealth?  We will examine wealthy people in and out of the bible to get some clues as to wealth for the Christian.  What is the biblical revelation of financial prosperity, i.e., wealth?  You may be surprised.  This study does not present the same old tithing and giving teaching that you may be used to. but rather examines the scriptures to see the truth.

Does God Exist?

I am a Christian.  I put my faith in Jesus Christ for salvation when I was about 13 years old if I remember correctly.  However, even before that, I believed a God existed. As a matter of fact, he was my imaginary friend as a kid so to speak.  I used to stay up late at night during the summer months and talk to this invisible being we call God.  I would tell him what was on my mind or just talk to him.  I never really questioned the existence of God during until I was older and experienced the world for myself. It has always seemed reasonable to me that a god existed who created everything.  I just wasn’t sure who he was later in my life due to the many questions I had regarding reconciling who I thought he was and how the world around me was, especially my own life.

The purpose of this article is to share my belief in the existence of God.  Why do I believe God exists.  This article was written for the benefit (I hope) for a gentleman that I encountered on Facebook who stated he did not believe in God and such belief is a demonstration of brainwashing so to speak.  I know that my belief in God is not a blind faith, but rather, one that was established by evidence.  Now I do recognize that someone may look at the same evidence and come to a different conclusion.  However, I hope that this article would at the very least get a person to reconsider their atheism and that they would first come to believe that God does exists and then to know what he did for us through Jesus Christ.

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Our ministry strives to help you establish an intimate and personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and that that relationship transcends your church denomination or religious affiliation.  We do this by providing various resources such as bible studies, articles, and media teachings (audio/video).

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